What to Do for Your Child’s First Cavity

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The day that your child’s first tooth comes in is a milestone to remember, but the discovery of a first cavity tends to lead to serious worry. Early childhood cavities, or tooth decay, is a common problem for children, and you can use these strategies to prepare your child for a trip to the dentist.

How to Spot a Cavity
You can often spot early decay or a cavity during your child’s normal oral hygiene routine. As you prepare to do their oral care, ask your child to open wide. Then, look for chalky white spots that indicate enamel weakening. Dark spots, holes or pitting are further reasons to take your child to a dentist who is experienced with pediatric dentistry & children.

How Dentists Treat Cavities in Kids
Dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry can sometimes treat early decay with fluoride treatments as part of their routine oral care. You may also be provided with special toothpaste or mouth rinses to use during their oral hygiene routine. Advanced cavities may require a filling, but the dentist can use special treatments such as a topic anesthetic or oral sedation to keep your child comfortable.

Tips to Prepare Your Child for the Dental Visit
The best way to prepare your child for a trip to the dentist is with honesty. Tell them that their tooth is sick and needs to get better. You can show them how they will open their mouth and describe some of the sounds that they may hear. As you talk to your child, remember to use positive language and keep the focus on how they can work with their dentist to keep a beautiful smile.

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