What Causes a Cavity?

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Although cavities are relatively common, a lot needs to happen before they can begin forming on once healthy teeth. The minerals surrounding our teeth must first start to dissolve in a process known as demineralization. This process must continue all the way to the tooth itself before cavities can start to form. There are several different habits that can cause cavities. One of the most obvious causes is poor oral hygiene. Patients who don’t perform daily teeth-cleaning rituals are more likely to develop cavities. This usually originates as a result of plaque formation that builds up over time and damages teeth. Poor eating and drinking habits can also lead to cavities and even tooth decay. There are several different treatments for cavities that Dr. G can perform. Most patients at Cottonwood Dental receive a fluoride treatment or filling for their cavities. These two treatments are used only in the early stages of a cavity development. Crowns are required when the natural top of a tooth is badly damaged by a cavity. If tooth decay or cavities reach down to the bottom of a tooth, then patients will need a root canal. To maintain healthy teeth, it is important to see the dentist at least once a year. Patients who receive a regular checkup can rest assured that Dr. G and others at Cottonwood Dental will help to keep their teeth clean and healthy.