Water and Dental Health

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Water and Dental Health

Drinking enough water has so many health benefits, from balancing body fluids and energizing muscles to maintaining a healthy complexion, but did you know that water is great for your dental health? Here are some ways drinking water keeps your teeth healthy, and why Cottonwood Dental recommends you drink enough water!

Drinking juice, soda or sports drinks may quench your thirst, but the added sugar will hurt your teeth. Cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth thrive on sugar and create enamel-wearing acid as a byproduct. Drinking water, however, washes away food residue that bacteria would normally feed on, and dilutes the acid they produce.

Drinking water fights dry mouth. Saliva washes away leftover food after a meal and washes your teeth with essential minerals like calcium, phosphate, and fluoride.  So keep your risk for tooth decay down by getting enough water.

Health experts recommend 4-7 cups of water for women and 6-11 cups of water daily for men. Keep tooth decay away by staying hydrated the right way. If you’re used to drinking juices and sodas, and you have tooth decay already, schedule an appointment with Dr. Giaquinto at Cottonwood Dental. Make sure you’re getting enough water, for your body and your smile!