Toothache Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Ever catch yourself wondering, “Why is my tooth hurting?” Then write it off as nothing until the pain returns again and again? 

While brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly provide a solid foundation for good oral health, they don’t make you immune to an occasional toothache. If you already take good care of your teeth and mouth, you might have a tendency to ignore any tooth pain you experience. However, Cottonwood Dental wants you to know that there are several instances when you shouldn’t do so.

Here are three times to pay attention (and visit the dentist) when you say to yourself, “My teeth ache.”

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods

Patients often ask, “Why do my teeth ache when eating certain foods?” Pain or sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods could have several different causes. You might have a cavity, but you could also have sensitive teeth. And while many people think that sensitive teeth are just something that occurs, there is usually a reason behind it. 

A visit to Cottonwood Dental will reveal the true cause of your sensitive teeth and help you identify any potential problems before the condition becomes more painful. If you have a cavity, we’ll use a filling to repair the damage and restore your tooth to health. If you’re suffering from sensitive teeth, a lot can be done to manage and reduce your symptoms as well. Bonding, crowns, or inlays can help fix the problem. Fluoride gel or varnish can be used to strengthen a tooth that’s sensitive. And if sensitivity is caused by erosion of gum tissue, surgical gum grafting can help.

Swelling or Fever

If you have a toothache along with fever or swelling, it is likely that you have an infection of some type. Simple cavities don’t cause fever. These symptoms may indicate an infection surrounding the tooth, the gum, or the jaw bone. Fever and swelling may also signal the presence of a tooth abscess, which may require antibiotics and drainage of the abcess. These can be serious conditions, so if you’re experiencing symptoms like swelling and fever, it’s imperative to both your oral and overall health that you make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Pain When Biting Down

Experiencing pain when you bite down can be caused by a number of conditions. These include a cavity, an abscessed tooth or a tooth that is broken, fractured, or cracked. Sharp stabbing or shooting pain while biting down can also be due to an infection.

Cottonwood Dental encourages our patients to never ignore aching teeth. If you find yourself wondering, ”Why do my teeth hurt?” contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment with Dr. Giaquinto.

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