“Smiling all the way home, this sounds like an unlikely refrain when talking about having a dental procedure. After my dental work at cottonwood dental, this was actually true. I, like most people, do the best I can to care for my teeth, but the eventual test of time will cause many to seek dental care. So needless to say I am very pleased have the good fortune of choosing Dr. Giaquinto to treat my dental woes.

The true artist has a technical expertise combined with a gift for seeing beauty in his creations. I can say without reservation Dr. Giaquinto has both. The attentive care for both comfort and scheduling are the measures that I use to determine value in seeking dental care. Excellence in his art and skill are only surpassed by his wit and humor.

Thank you, Dr. Giaquinto”J.W. Luzius MD

“Dr. Giaquinto was referred to me by one of his colleagues. I was in need of his professional knowledge and he came through for me.

My first good impression of him was that he sought classes to update his ability. He learned the latest techniques to the procedure that I was in need of. My confidence I him soared! Dr. “G” keeps his staff updated, as well, by having teaching days on a regular basis.

Dr. Giaquinto restored my oral health using a painless, professional and kind manner, with humor as a dividend. His staff responded to all my needs, especially with timely schedules and good advice.

I am proud to tell all folks that they would do well to seek Dr. Giaquinto’s professional capabilities. My sincere and grateful thanks to everyone at Cottonwood Dental!”Teresa Hullette

“I had a complete dental makeover performed at Cottonwood Dental. Dr. Giaquinto and his staff provided excellent care for the extensive treatment plan that I required. My overall experience was excellent! I was completely informed and prepared for every procedure. Dr. G and the staff are welcoming, comforting and extremely knowledgeable. The treatment plan, including costs, was agreed to upfront. Dr. G and the staff always kept me informed of any changes to the plan or the costs.

I was given a local anesthetic during the dental procedures. Dr. G and the staff made sure that I was comfortable and didn’t have any pain. They also made it a point to check on me after every procedure to make sure there were no complications or abnormal pain. I was pleasantly surprised when they made themselves available even during off days and weekends.

I’m extremely happy with my smile. My teeth look natural and you wouldn’t know I had any work done.”Nick Sandoval