Toothache Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Ever catch yourself wondering, “Why is my tooth hurting?” Then write it off as nothing until the pain returns again and again?  While brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly provide a solid foundation for good oral health, they don’t make you immune to an occasional toothache. If you already take good care of your teeth and mouth, you might … Read More

Soda’s Effect on Your Teeth

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The average American drinks about two cans of sugary sodas each day, either the diet or regular variety. Regardless of its real sugar or sugar substitute content, your dental professional will advise you to stay away from the stuff—whether you call it a soda, pop, a coke, or a soft drink. Regular sodas can include as much as 9 teaspoons … Read More

Three Surprising Causes of Tooth Pain

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At Cottonwood Dental, most patients who complain about tooth pain can trace its origins back to oral issues such as cavities and receding gums. There is a small segment of the population though, whose pain is not as easy to track down. Below are some unexpected causes of tooth pain that isn’t directly related to the mouth. Diabetes Diabetes that … Read More