What Is A Thread Lift?

No matter who you are, at some point in your life, your body’s production of collagen will slow, causing your skin to sag and wrinkle. There is nothing wrong with this, although a lot of people, men and women alike, seek treatments that will make their faces appear more rested, smooth, and defined. 

A thread facelift is a popular new alternative to standard facelift surgery, however, it can also be used for a person’s neck and jowls. In the past, these cosmetic surgeries required removing the excess skin entirely, which was not only expensive but also required a lot of recovery time. A thread lift is a non-surgical procedure involves the temporary insertion of sutures into the skin in order to create a more youthful appearance. You will look and feel twenty years younger with this facial threading for wrinkles! 

The person performing the procedure will position the sutures under the skin in a way that allows them to pull back and lift the skin on a person’s face. Along with smoothing out wrinkles, a thread facelift also stimulates the body’s organic production of collagen. The results, which include tightening and pulling back any sagging facial skin and tissue, are much more natural-looking than that of standard facelift surgery. The entire thread lift procedure can be done in 30 minutes, giving it the nickname “a lunchtime facelift.”

    How Long Does A Thread Lift Last?

    A traditional facelift surgery, in which you remove the excess skin, will typically last around a decade. A thread lift neck and face procedure only lasts a few years (usually between one to three.) Even though the surgery provides longer-lasting results, a thread facelift is very low-risk in comparison as well as non-invasive and affordable. 

    Why Choose A Thread Lift in Albuquerque

    This threading technique puts very little stress on the body and has a very short recovery time. One reason is that, if anesthesia is required (numbing is a popular alternative) your administrator will use local anesthesia, which is less expensive than general anesthesia. Typically, due to the fact that there is no cutting of the skin involved, most patients choose to go with a topical anesthetic, such as Lidocaine

    Whoever is administering the procedure is able to create defined and effective results than that of a higher-risk and more complicated surgery. Thread lifts are simple to perform and can even be carried out by your dentist if they are properly trained to do so.

    Results from a thread facelift can be seen immediately. The best part is that, if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can simply have your dentist or medical professional remove the stitches.

    Our Face Threading Facelift in Albuquerque

    Our team at Cottonwood Dental has extensive training in the execution of thread neck, jowl, and facelifts. We use only the safest and most-effective techniques and equipment so that our patients can have the results that they desire. We want them to feel as comfortable with their faces as they are with their straight, white smile. For more information on our threading facelift in Albuquerque, call (505) 210-7884 today or schedule an appointment with your dentist.