What Are Digital Dental Impressions?

3-D Intraoral Scanning, more commonly known as digital impressions, is a revolutionary new dental technology, capable of creating an accurate digital replica of a specific mouth. Previously, dentists had to make impressions of their patient’s mouths with a brightly colored putty, which almost no one enjoyed. Unlike the conventional impression technique, digital dental impressions present 3-D images of a patient’s mouth immediately. This new technology eliminates the need for this out-of-date process.

Similar to Green CT2 (one of the most recent models of the digital x-ray machine) dental digital impression scanners make the lives of dentists and patients alike easier. The process is more efficient, comfortable, and accurate than the previous methods available. These new dental digital impression scanner machines are also better for the environment, as they remove the need for VPS impression material, the putty-like substance used to conventional dental impressions.

Digital Impressions For Crowns

    One of the most common uses for digital dental impressions is for making custom crowns, although it can also be used for making braces, full-tooth and partial dental implants, or any other dental appliance. Perhaps the greatest benefit of using digital impressions for crowns is the level of accuracy and quality that the image result supplies. This allows the new crowns to be produced to fit a patient’s tooth as comfortably and accurately as possible. The process is also much more cost-effective than many other dental scanning methods available.

    Dental Digital Impression Scanner

    The dental digital impression scanner used in this practice is a state-of-the-art technology that dentists can quickly learn to operate. Most of these intraoral scanners use the point-and-click method and are easily maneuvered about the mouth. As we mentioned before, capturing an image with a dental digital impression scanner is nearly instantaneous.

    Before sending it off to the lab to create whatever dental appliance is needed (crowns, veneers, etc.) the dental professional can easily identify any errors and retake the impression. It is crucial for dentists to provide the lab with precise digital impressions, as the production of these dental implants and services can be quite costly.

    Depending on the type of dental digital impression scanner being used, your dentist can take either still images or a video of your mouth. Your dentist will likely choose to use a certain scanner based on the services they are providing. No matter the type of scanner use (two popular brands being 3Shape Trios and Sirona) the whole process will be done within three to five minutes.

      Digital Impressions at Cottonwood Dental

      Cottonwood Dental uses only the latest technology for both the convenience of our staff and patients and for efficiency. Alongside an in-house dental digital impression scanner, we also use digital dental x-rays, to eliminate a large amount of radiation that is produced through a traditional x-ray machine. All of the tools and practices we use, we use with our patients in mind.

      We want you to have the best experience possible at Cottonwood Dental; one that is quick and comfortable. To schedule an appointment, call (505) 210-7884 or visit the Contact Us page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!