All dentists must have extensive knowledge of both facial structures and muscles in order to graduate dentistry school. Because of this, getting botox cosmetic services from your dentist may increase the efficacy and safety of the procedure, and will be able to give you much more natural-looking results. Additionally, by receiving botox from an inexperienced practitioner, you may run the risk of certain side effects, such as drooling, muscle weakness, and difficulty urinating.

If you choose to receive a botox treatment from your dentist, they will begin by injecting small amounts of botox (also known as botulinum toxin A) into various areas around a patient’s mouth. It will take three days to two weeks to begin seeing the results from your Botox injections.

Depending on the amount injected and the location, they can restrict movement or paralyze certain muscles (by blocking nerve signals) for two to six months. If you wish to continue treatment, your dentist can help you set up a schedule for future botox injections.

Benefits Of Botox

There is a surprisingly wide variety of the benefits of botox. They are primarily used for aesthetic reasons, in particular, reducing the appearance of lip wrinkles, smile lines, facial symmetry, puckered chins, and generally just the overall appearance of the face. Receiving botox for smile lines can give you the smooth complexion that you’ve always wanted.

One reason people receive botox treatments from their dentists is to correct certain other orofacial conditions, for example, a “gummy” or upside-down smile. A gummy smile, also known as the excessive gingival display, may be caused by a high lip line or hyperactive muscle spasms on the mouth, and a simple botox treatment can improve this issue. 

One area being used for Botox is for treatment of CMD or TMJ. Eventually, this will become the most common first modality to treat this problem, temporomandibular joint disorder. The injections can greatly alleviate pain and tension in the jaw that arise from TMJ, as well as the migraines, jaw clicking, soreness, and bruxism that accompanies the condition.

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