Easing Dental Anxiety

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For some people, find a trip to the dentist can be downright scary. In fact, dental anxiety is much more common than you might think! That’s why the professional staff at Cottonwood Dental, along with Dr. Giaquinto, specialize in making your trip comfortable and relaxed. In order to prepare for your trip to the dentist, we want to make sure you feel 100% prepared with some tips to ease your dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can range from mild nervousness to intense panic- we take your fears seriously at Cottonwood Dental, so if these tricks don’t help you, give us a call and we’ll work through it together.

Our first anxiety busting strategy is to share your fear with your hygienist and dentist! Whatever the specifics of your fear, don’t feel embarrassed to talk with us about it. We want to understand what makes you nervous and why, so we can adjust your treatment to ease your particular fears, and be sure to ask us questions! Sometimes becoming more familiar with what we do, and the environment of our dentist office, can make you feel a lot more at home.

It can also make a big difference when you schedule your appointment. Be sure to choose a time when you won’t feel rushed, or be dealing with added stress from work or school. Some clients will find that an evening appointment is easier for them to manage, while others like to tackle their dentist appointment first thing in the morning. Whatever your preference is- we can accommodate your schedule! Is Saturday morning ideal for you? We can even schedule a visit then!

Our last suggestion is to pinpoint the exact things that make you uneasy. Is it the sound of the machinery that the hygienist uses as she cleans your teeth? Wear headphones! Is it the unfamiliar environment? We can get you acquainted with all the machinery, or even turn on the television for you!