Don’t Become a Jack-o’-lantern! Stay Away from These Halloween Candies!

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Trick-or-Treat is lots of fun for little ghosts and goblins, and we certainly don’t want to spoil that. But we also don’t want patients to need dental care appointments to address cavities.

As such, Dr. G and the staff at Cottonwood Dental recommend avoiding sour candies o Halloween. These contain both sugar and acidic citrus, both of which can damage teeth. While sour options are the most erosive, it’s best to avoid all hard candies since biting into them can cause broken teeth and an emergency visit to Dr. G.

Gummy candies and sticky treats like caramel are best avoided, too. These get stuck in and on teeth, giving the sugar in them more time to cause decay and cavities. Gummies also get stuck in braces, retainers and other dental appliances where they can make a mess and cause damage.

You can, however, enjoy a popcorn ball if you exercise proper dental care and floss after. Chocolate, a Cottonwood Dental favorite, is also a good choice as it washes away easily with your toothbrush.

Whatever goodies you eat, try to indulge at one snack time rather than munching (and attacking your teeth) multiple times throughout the day. Make sure to brush within 30 minutes of treat time, too.

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