Does Botox for TMJ Work?

CWD EditorOral Health

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder affects an estimated 10 million Americans! For those who suffer from pain or discomfort associated with this condition, any hope for relief is met with excitement. The jaw tension and headaches that result from TMJ can be unbearable for some. Cottonwood Dental is happy to provide a possible solution. We offer Botox treatment, which has been proven to help alleviate this pain.

One of our patients who underwent Botox for her TMJ has expressed to us her satisfaction with the treatment! She has been suffering from chronic TMJ pain for decades. Shortly before coming to Cottonwood Dental, her symptoms worsened, and she was suffering from excruciating headaches daily. However, after treatment, she says that her jaw feels much better and has stopped clicking! “I was skeptical about how well the treatment would work, but I am really happy that I tried it,” she says.

If you are also suffering from chronic jaw tension and pain, visit Cottonwood Dental. A consultation with Dr. Giaquinto will tell you if you are a candidate to receive this treatment! Botox is quick, non-invasive, and effective! Learn more today!