Different Whitening Techniques

CWD EditorCosmetic Dentistry & Teeth Whitening

If you are a smoker or you drink a lot of coffee, tea, wine or soda, the thought of whitening your teeth has probably crossed your mind more than once.  Cottonwood Dental offers many options for whitening your teeth.

Bleaching procedures can make your natural teeth five to seven times brighter and remove deep surface stains. But, first, determine if you have any caps or porcelain fillings as they may not whiten at the same rate as your teeth.

The first option is a custom mouthpiece for at-home bleaching, results typically take about 2-6 weeks and the convenience of using the trays when new stains appear. This type of technique requires two office visits. The first visit will mold the teeth for the custom tray. Dr. Giaquinto offers a custom whitening kit for $249* if you are a new patient!

The second option is light activated whitening, Dr. Giaquinto uses The Zoom (UV) light which activates the bleaching process. The process takes about 1-2 hours and is considered the most effective. In-office whitening with custom trays is available for $450*.

Lastly, the most inexpensive options, are over the counter whitening strips or toothpaste. These options can cause increased tooth sensitivity and are not as effective. Dr. Giaquinto does not recommend this type of technique.

Get the process started for brighter whiter teeth and contact Cottonwood Dental today to speak with our friendly staff about the different options available for you!

*Plus GRT and any ongoing treatment or maintenance