Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

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Ever bite into a popsicle or take a sip of hot coffee, only to be met with excruciating tooth pain? Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, at least as many as 40 million adults in the United States suffer from it. While sensitive teeth never completely disappear, symptoms can be treated. Cottonwood Dental has put together this list of simple tips that can help you if your teeth are sensitive!

  • Toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth.
  • Brush gently and use a soft-bristled brush.
  • Use a mouthwash with fluoride.
  • Avoid eating acidic foods.

If sensitivity persists, Cottonwood Dental can help. Bonding, crowns or inlays can help fix the problem. Fluoride gel or varnish can be used to strengthen the tooth that’s sensitive. If sensitivity is caused by erosion of gum tissue, surgical gum grafting can also help. Whatever the cause of your sensitivity, Dr. Giaquinto can examine your teeth and figure out the best course of action to help you. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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