Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, you may experience pain or sensitivity from time to time. Perhaps a tooth will hurt when you bit or chew, maybe only when you bite a certain way or eat certain foods. If it’s not a constant ache like with a cavity or abscess, there’s a good chance this pain could be caused by cracked tooth syndrome. Here’s a closer look at cracked tooth syndrome symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Cracked tooth syndrome is a condition that describes cracks in the teeth that are too small to show up on dental x-rays. They often appear in back molars and are common in people who grind their teeth. Teeth with fillings or that have undergone root canals are more likely to crack than others. Because these cracks are so small, cracked tooth syndrome can go undiagnosed for months!

If left untreated, a crack can get worse and a piece of the tooth may break off. A gum infection around the cracked tooth can also develop. Sensitivity to hot or cold may cause discomfort, and pain may periodically be mild or intense.

Top ways to treat cracked tooth syndrome include bonding, crowns, root canal, and in extreme cases, tooth removal. If you’re experiencing any tooth pain at all, you should contact Cottonwood Dental. Dr. Giaquinto will be able to determine the cause of your symptoms, whether it’s cracked tooth syndrome or something else. Once properly diagnosed, Dr. Giaquinto will help you determine the best treatment options. Schedule an appointment today.

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