Cottonwood Dental Is Now Comfortable Dentistry 4U – Cottonwood

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Comfortable Dentistry 4U

Patients of Cottonwood Dental,

Exciting changes are coming to Cottonwood Dental and I want to take this time to let you know what you can expect at our office. As of October 1, I have merged Cottonwood Dental with Comfortable Dentistry 4U as I have recently become associated with Comfortable Dentistry 4U as the next positive step in my career. Comfortable Dentistry 4U is a private, locally owned dental provider which has office locations in the NE Heights and Rio Rancho.

First of all, I will still be your personal dentist. The office will continue to function identically to how it has for over 30 years. You likely would not have even noticed a change if you did not read this letter.

The office will function the same as it always has and the familiar faces of the staff will also continue to provide you the care you are accustomed to. We will continue to strive to improve our patient care and overall dental experience. We will be adding an associate dentist soon to be able to give patients better options and expand the days in which we treat patients.

As the years go by, we all eventually have to make adjustments to our lives and work. I know this change will be good for my patients, my staff, myself and my family.

What will be a little different to you in the upcoming months is the name on the wall and the name on the statements/correspondence you get. We will now be Comfortable Dentistry 4U – Cottonwood. I am excited with this change in business structure and I am sure you will see a seamless merger that will result in quality patient care and service to you, my patients.

Sincerely yours,

David Giaquinto DDS

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