Don’t Become a Jack-o’-lantern! Stay Away from These Halloween Candies!

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Trick-or-Treat is lots of fun for little ghosts and goblins, and we certainly don’t want to spoil that. But we also don’t want patients to need dental care appointments to address cavities. As such, Dr. G and the staff at Cottonwood Dental recommend avoiding sour candies o Halloween. These contain both sugar and acidic citrus, both of which can damage … Read More

Thumb sucking & Pacifiers: Self Soothing vs. Damaging

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Why do children suck their thumbs? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer because thumb sucking isn’t an issue for all children. At best, health experts can only speculate that the practice provides children with a sense of comfort because “babies have natural rooting and sucking reflexes, which can cause them to put their thumbs or fingers into their mouths — … Read More

Types of Fillings

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When you’re suffering from a cavity, it’s important to get it checked! Fillings prevent pain and sensitivity and keep the cavity from expanding. If you have a cavity, Cottonwood Dental would be happy to help you! There are several options available for fillings, and each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a quick overview of the types of … Read More

Does Botox for TMJ Work?

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TMJ, or temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder affects an estimated 10 million Americans! For those who suffer from pain or discomfort associated with this condition, any hope for relief is met with excitement. The jaw tension and headaches that result from TMJ can be unbearable for some. Cottonwood Dental is happy to provide a possible solution. We offer Botox treatment, … Read More

Hyperdontia: Why Do Some People Have Extra Teeth?

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Most of us have 20 teeth as children and by the time we reach adulthood we have 32. However, some people have extra teeth or supernumerary teeth. This is called Hyperdontia and it affects between 1% and 4% of the population. So why do some people have these extra teeth? It’s not entirely clear why hyperdontia affects some, but it … Read More

Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

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At Cottonwood Dental, we get a lot of patients who want to whiten their smile. No matter how well they brush and floss, some people can’t seem to achieve whiter teeth. Luckily, there are some easy ways to achieve whiter teeth naturally. Sometimes, yellow, beige or brown teeth are a result of habits. If you want whiter teeth but are … Read More

More Low-Sugar Dessert Recipes

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Low Sugar

Everyone knows that for healthier teeth they need to brush and floss regularly and avoid excess sugar. But even if you have a good dental care routine, it can be a challenge to control your sweet tooth! At Cottonwood Dental, we know that healthy teeth are important, but it’s important to be happy too! You can satisfy your sugar cravings … Read More

Lost a Tooth? Maybe an Implant Is Right for You

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If you have lost a tooth as an adult, whether as a result of disease, an automotive accident or a sports injury, you might feel shy about smiling. Cottonwood Dental understands your situation. You should know that patients who are looking to boost their confidence and want the feeling of a full set of teeth are often candidates for getting … Read More

Botox Treatment for TMJ Disorder

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An estimated 10 million Americans are affected by a temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder, a group of conditions commonly referred to as TMJ disorder. These conditions can cause myofascial pain or discomfort, dislocated jaw, or even more serious injuries in some cases. At Cottonwood Dental, we know that the jaw tension and headache pain often associated with TMJ disorder can … Read More

Picking out a Toothbrush

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Are you overwhelmed by all the choices available to you in the dental supplies aisle? At Cottonwood Dental, we frequently get questions from patients who want to know what to look for when buying a new toothbrush. Picking the Ideal Disposable Toothbrush The familiar disposable toothbrush with nylon bristles that we use today was invented in the late 1930s, according … Read More