Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

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dental x-rays while pregnant

When you’re pregnant, there’s so much to think about. After all, you’re suddenly responsible for not just yourself, but also your growing baby. So we know you might be wondering: Are dental x-rays safe while pregnant? Why might a dentist recommend an x-ray during pregnancy—and how can you protect yourself from unnecessary radiation?  Let’s get to the bottom of these … Read More

COVID-19 Update from Cottonwood Dental

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Dear patients, family, and friends of Cottonwood Dental, Of all the crowded public places to avoid and fear, Dr. Giaquinto’s dental office is one of the few places you do NOT HAVE TO FEAR and we hope that is a relief. We have always taken pride in our procedures to keep the office clean and safe and have always stringently followed … Read More