How Smiling Effects Your Health

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People spend thousands of dollars on herbal supplements, vitamins, medicine, health foods, gym memberships, and doctor’s visits, all in search of a healthier version of themselves. While one diet or exercise routine may work for one person, there’s no guarantee it’ll provide the same results for another. There is one thing though, that doesn’t cost any money and has been … Read More

Toothpaste Guide

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When you browse your local grocery store and look at the varieties of toothpastes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of your options. With countless brands and products all claiming to prevent gum pain, whiten teeth or combat cavities, how do you know which toothpaste is right for you? Cottonwood Dental offers this breakdown of the types of toothpaste … Read More

Low Sugar Dessert Recipes

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Low Sugar

At Cottonwood Dental, our dental health professionals want to help you keep your smile healthy. We all know that sugar can be a major threat to your dental health, it contributes to tooth decay and can cause lots of problems, but we also understand the occasional sugar craving! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of guilt-free low-sugar dessert recipes that … Read More