Easing Dental Anxiety

CWD EditorCommon Dental Issues & Procedures

For some people, find a trip to the dentist can be downright scary. In fact, dental anxiety is much more common than you might think! That’s why the professional staff at Cottonwood Dental, along with Dr. Giaquinto, specialize in making your trip comfortable and relaxed. In order to prepare for your trip to the dentist, we want to make sure … Read More

Good Habits = Healthy Teeth

CWD EditorCommon Dental Issues & Procedures, Oral Health

In order to achieve great dental health, unhealthy you have to invest time in creating habits that support those goals. It can be tricky determining exactly what needs to be done and when, to make sure you have the brightest, healthiest smile possible, but that’s where Cottonwood Dental can help! At Cottonwood Dental, our staff of skilled hygienists and Dr. … Read More

How Your Diet Affects Your Dental Health

CWD EditorOral Health

We all know that the foods we choose to eat impact the health of our bodies, purchase but fewer of us realize that our diet directly affects the health of our teeth as well. The minute you eat or drink certain foods, changes in your mouth begin to take place, for better or for worse. Certain foods impact your dental … Read More