Electric VS. Manual Toothbrushes

CWD EditorNews, Oral Health

Since its rise in popularity in the 1990s, hospital more and more people have opted to use an electric toothbrush as opposed to a traditional, manual one. At Cottonwood Dental our patients frequently ask us, “so, which is better, an electric or manual toothbrush?” What our patients don’t realize is that that question is more complicated than it seems! Both … Read More

Get a Beautiful Smile with Invisalign

CWD EditorOrthodontics, Bracers & Invisalign

No one should have to go through life avoiding smiling and laughing due to embarrassment about their teeth. Unfortunately, cheap traditional braces can just make the situation worse. Fortunately, prescription innovative ways of perfecting your smile have taken shape through Invisalign treatment. At Cottonwood Dental, we’re huge fans of Invisalign’s modern approach to straightening teeth. We believe that a great … Read More

How Do Cavities Form?

CWD EditorCommon Dental Issues & Procedures, Oral Health

For most of us, buy our understanding of dentistry goes something like this: if we are lazy about brushing and flossing, then we will get a cavity, and then we must ask a dentist to fix it with something called a filling. On a basic level, this is correct, but let’s go a little deeper and learn what actually causes … Read More