Save Money with Regular Dental Visits

CWD EditorCommon Dental Issues & Procedures, Oral Health

Just by spending a couple of hours on a yearly basis at Cottonwood Dental, you can save yourself hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on dental care in the long run. In general, preventive dental maintenance is much less costly than the extensive treatments and involved procedures that come with restorative dental treatments. Consider how much cheaper a filling is, … Read More

More Good Reasons to Quit Smoking

CWD EditorOral Health

If you’re a smoker, chances are someone has told you that smoking can be very bad for your overall health, but fewer people realize the impact that tobacco use can have on dental health specifically. Dr. Giacquinto and the rest of the staff at Cottonwood Dental want to ensure your total health and happiness for years to come. You use … Read More

Common Misconceptions About Your Teeth & Oral Health

CWD EditorCommon Dental Issues & Procedures, Oral Health

We know teeth at Cottonwood Dental. So, when it comes to myths about dental health, prostate we’ve pretty much heard them all. We thought we’d give our local Albuquerque clients a rundown of some not-so-true ideas we’ve heard about teeth in our many years of business. Lost Teeth are Gone Forever Whether you’re playing hockey, or simply neglecting your daily … Read More